Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Help Me Help a Friend!

I have a dear, sweet friend, Melissa, (I also work with her husband, Blake) that contracted West Nile Virus 5 years ago. She is still suffering from the effects of that nasty illness. Below is a little bit of info on Melissa.

We all have our struggles throughout life.  Melissa has had her share of them as well.  One of those struggles is the result of contracting West Nile Virus 5 years ago.  It was a horrible illness in and of itself, but because if it- Dystonia was the byproduct causing the muscles in Melissa’s left foot and hand to bend and turn abnormally and not respond in the way they did before.  She has had to adjust in so many ways.  It has been a painful and frustrating experience and she has dealt with it so admirably.

To see her carry Grace, who is now age 1, is something to behold.  Melissa is a trooper if ever there was one.  She handles her situation valiantly and always leaves me feeling better when I am around her.  Perhaps many of you feel that same way.  She is genuine and amazing in so many ways.

I have personally been the recipient of the goodness and generosity and love from others- mostly anonymous- during a very lengthy period when my husband was unemployed and with a family of 6 children to support.  Those who blessed my family, in small and big ways, are my “angels on earth”.  I now understand in a very personal way that angels are those who help ease or lift the burdens of others when they can.  In fact, Blake and Melissa are two of my angels.  They trust me to watch Grace, and this has been a financial blessing to my family.  Thankfully, my husband is now employed.

Now, it is my turn to give something back. 

Melissa recently was introduced to a medical device that straps below her knee and which sends electrical impulses from the knee muscles down to a sensor/probe on her foot.  It basically helps correct Melissa's dystonia by sending electric impulses that bypass her central nervous system to make her foot have a normal gait.  She was so hopeful to be able to have one of her own to use, and not just at therapy sessions.  The hope is that by using it as much as possible it will help stimulate and strengthen the muscles so she can start walking the correct way on her own.  Sadly, the insurance company refused to cover the cost of this device which is around $7000. 

This is Melissa without the device


This is Melissa WITH the device! :)

Here is a video that was made about her struggle with West Nile Virus. Melissa's is the first story told on the video. 

SO......this is what I want to do: ANY order placed on my Beachbody websites, I will donate 25% of the purchase price (which is my entire commission!) to Melissa's medical device fund!

If you would like to make a donation, a PayPal account has been set up as well! Donate Here

Let's make this birthday the BEST birthday ever for her!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

FREE Offer!!!

 The next person who orders Shakeology on auto ship, I will send them the Slimming Pack (a $59.80 value!) FREE!!! Click here to order Shakeology   Click here to learn about the Slimming Pack



Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring clean your insides!

The new Beachbody Ultimate Reset™ is now available for purchase.

What is the Beachbody Ultimate Reset?
It's a comprehensive, no-starvation, inner body tune-up. In just 21 days, the Ultimate Reset can help you gently restore your body to its original "factory settings," to help you:

• Have more energy and greater focus*
• Experience better digestion and a more positive mood*
• Enable your body to function more efficiently*
• Help you lose weight*
• Improve your overall health.*

Why Reset?

Our environment has become more and more toxic. Our bodies absorb pollution and harmful chemicals all our lives, along with the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink. These toxins can get stored in our bodies, clogging our cells and slowing down their natural functions.

It's not enough just to work out and eat right. At Beachbody, we realized we had to take a break from the everyday and find a way to get those toxins out of our bodies. Along with getting in shape on the outside, we had to start getting healthy on the inside. We decided it was time for a Reset.

What the Beachbody Ultimate Reset is NOT:

• A starvation diet. (You'll eat three filling, healthy meals every day.)• An abrupt cleanse that's hard on the body. (The supplements work together gradually to gently shift your body's internal settings.)*
• A laxative-based, colon-focused cleanse, which fails to truly detoxify the whole body. (You won't be running to the bathroom every hour!)

To learn more, find out what to expect during the Reset, and read Success Stories from test group participants, go to my Web site at http://beachbodycoach.com/rkcreations and click on the Beachbody Ultimate Reset banner. Or contact me directly and I'll be glad to answer any questions you might have. (and, as always, you can get 25% OFF when you sign up as a coach!)

Get ready to restore your inner health!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Challenge Time!!

Swimsuit Season is ALMOST here!!! Lets get ready TOGETHER!

I am starting a NEW Challenge group! Starting the first week of April! We will be doing ChaLEAN Extreme! I will take the first 5 people who want to join me! I know this is an investment! But YOU are worth it!!!

Not only will you get healthy AND fit there's prizes and FREE stuff involved here people!!!

Everyone who joins will get:

ChaLEAN Extreme workout DVD's

One month supply of Shakeology (Chocolate, Greenberry, or Tropical)

FREE 30 day trial membership to Teambeachbody.com

Private Facebook page so we can track our progress and motivate each other.


I will personally send each of you:

Great Body Guaranteed Workout DVD's ($25 value!)

The Grand Prize:

The person who looses the most % of body weight will receive

Tony Horton's Ten Minute Trainer!!!!
That's an $80 value!

Here are the rules:
1. Purchase ChaLEAN Extreme Challenge Pack by clicking Here
2. Create your Teambeachbody.com account. Add your 'before' pic too! (Make sure that I am your coach! My coach number is 132320)
3. Replace 1 meal a day with Shakeology (I like to have it for breakfast right after my workout!)
4. Email me your starting weight then again every Friday so I can calculate your % lost to post. (Don't worry! I will only post % numbers not your actual weight!)

Challenge will run for 60 days!

We will start the challenge as soon as everyone has received their workout.

Cut off date to join/order will be March 30th!! (that's next Friday!!)

If you have been thinking of becoming a Beachbody Coach, NOW is the perfect time to join!! If you join my Challenge group and become a coach at the same time your Game Plan Tools Kit and Business Essentials Starter Pack for FREE!! That's a $70 savings!!!

Click HERE to sign up as a Coach!

Monday, March 19, 2012

DAY 50!

I can't believe its been 50 days since I started Insanity! 2 weeks left!! Today was the Fit Test AND Max Interval Circuit. That's a whole 90 min of intensity!!!

Here are my Fit Test results:

Day 1/Day 50

Switch Kicks.........................0 didn't even do them/60

Power Jacks........................................29/52

Power Knees.......................................66/110

Power Jumps (slap, slaps)....................13/40

Globe Jumps.........................................7/11

Suicide Jumps.....................................11/16

Push-up Jacks................................big fat 0/Now...I can do these! I just didn't today because I'm still nursing a sore achilles!

Low Plank Oblique.......................another 0/56

So.....has Insanity made me stronger???


Now for some visual updates!

Measurements: Day 1/Day 50

Chest: 35"/33.5" (-1.5")

Waist: 40"/37.5" (-2.5")

Hips: 47"/44" (-3")

Arms: L 15" R 15"/L 14" R 14" (-1" each)

Thighs: L 28" R 28"/ L 27" R 27" (-1" each)

Weight: 201lbs/190lbs (-11lbs)

So you add all that up and I've lost a total of 11" in just 50 days!! THAT'S AMAZING!

So what are YOU waiting for??? The sooner you start the sooner you will see results!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Update Time!

Alright! So....this morning as I was changing into my workout clothes, my hubby comments, "WOW! you're looking different!" He was genuinly surprised at how much my body had changes since starting Insanity. That made me HAPPPPPPY!!! lol! It's about stinkin' time I started LOOKING like I was beating myself up every day! So I had him update my pictures......

And YES! That's only a 1 week difference in the last 2 pictures! No gut being held in! No cheating!! Honest to goodness RESULTS!! And even though I only lost a pound in the last pic, you can clearly see that I lost MUCH more than that! In just 32 days I have almost los my upper belly (still working on my lower...but it WILL go away!! It better! Or I'm cutting it off!!LOL!) Oh, and pay no attention to my mess hair or lack of make-up.......please!

And look at my "love handles" how they are shrinking! Hubby says I need to ditch the plaid shorts! LOL!! Well, my birthday is next wednesday my dear! (hint hint)

If I can get these results doing insanity and drinking Shakeology, so can you!!

In the words of Shaun T:

"YOU can Frickin' DO this!"

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Can You Afford Shakeology??

Cost was the biggest deterrent for me before I started drinking Shakeology! But I finally came to realize that I was investing in MY health! And after being on it for a month, I feel GREAT! And I'm....ummm..... how shall I put this......regular!!! This may be a little TMI but before Shakeology I would ummmm 'go' once a week! And to have a healthy and happy bowel you should 'go' at least once a day! Well, in the words of Johnny Carson, "I did not know that!" And after my appendectomy a year ago, I have been anything but regular! BUT (no pun intended!) now that I drink Shakeology every morning, I'm like clockwork! Every day! Yup! Gold star for me!!! :-P

Read the following response from Barbie Decker to a customer:

"You really can. There is really no excuse. I felt disturbed that I had left out Shakeology from my suggested meal plan, especially given the fact that many of the foods we eat today (particularly our chicken/fish/meat) are of such poor quality. It makes sense that Shakeology would make up for some of the nutrient deficient foods we consume as a society. But, the question remains: Can you afford it?

If I left it out of my meal plan, then somewhere in my mind I was saying, “No, there is little room for it in a tight budget.” However, somehow that just didn't jive with me. Let’s do the math together and you decide.

The cost of Shakeology on autoship (you get free shipping) is $119.99. Plus tax, say around $126, for one month’s supply (1 serving a day for 30 days). Each shake comes out to about $4.20. The coach price for Shakeology on autoship is $89.99 or around $96 total. Each serving comes out to $3.20.

Too much you say? Not if you are using Shakeology as a meal replacement, which, by the way, will help you lose weight. Remember: Subjects in a 90-Day study lost an average of 10lbs when they replaced just one meal per day with Shakeology.

The cost of an average lunch at a restaurant or take-out: $6 to $9. Plus, even Subway sandwiches which are reputably low-cal average 460 to 560 calories. Shakeology has 140 calories, less than 1 gram of fat per serving, annnnnnd it is truly nutrient rich.

The cost of an average take out or restaurant dinner: $10 & up to be sure.

The cost of a home-cooked lunch or dinner: 6-8 ounces of chicken = $2.00 (and we are talking low-grade chicken), veggies= $1 (frozen veggies are really okay! hurray!) and 1 sweet potato = from .5 to $1.00. Total= about $3.4.

Conclusion: You are spending about $3-4 on a home-cooked meal, the same amount that you would spend on Shakeology.

So what is the big fuss about then? I think our resistance has to do more with our thinking than our actual ability to afford Shakeology, regardless of budget. Somehow, I’m guessing, many people see Shakeology as a luxury item. But is it really? I invite you to watch the following video.


We think nothing of spending $4 on mass-produced food that doesn't truly nourish us, yet we protest that $4 for Shakeology is too expensive. There’s something awry with our thinking, don’t you think?

To your health and to thinking outside the box."

So there ya go! Think YOU can't afford Shakeology?? Think again.....and again......how 'bout now? Still no?

Well, THINK AGAIN!!! :o)

Half Way There!

Just finished day 30 of Insanity! I'm half way there!!! Feeling stronger every day! Seems my measurements and weight are at a stand-still. Maybe once I start the Max workouts next week I will kick it into high gear and get some more weight/inches off!! (I guess that bowl of ice cream with nummy homemade hot fudge didn't help either......) Can't give up!!! JUST PUSH PLAY!!!

And besides.......................................

Who wouldn't want to look at THAT every day! :-D

Thursday, February 23, 2012


I've reached my 2nd milestone in Beachbody! I've reached Emerald status! PLUS! I've earned Sucess Club 5 this month too! Business is rockin' and rollin'! Want to get in on the FUN? Check out the perks for becoming a Beachbody coach!


Get PAID to exercise and help others in their journey to health and fitness!! I'm on my way to DIAMOND!!!!

Making Progress!

.......well, kinda! I'm typing this as I sit in bed....sick! I've missed 1 day of my Insanity and I feel like I've missed a whole week! I've pushed through the rest of this week though! Not sure if I'm doing myself any favors because it's all in my chest and head. I bend over to stretch and 'go into flat back' then my nose starts to drip. I 'breath deep' and I start to cough. A beautiful site to see, I'm sure!
Anyway....I'm posting my "Fit Test" results so far.
Day 1
Switch kicks.....I wasn't able to do any! So sad!
Power Jacks 29
Power Knees 66
Power Jumps (aka 'slap slaps') 13
Globe Jumps 7
Suicide Jumps (modified for my wrist) 11
Pushup Jacks....ya right!!
Low plank Oblique (on my knees) a big fat 0!

Moving on to Day 15
Switch Kicks 44 baby!!
Power Jacks 36 (+7)
Power Jumps (slap SLAP!) 22 (+9!)
Globe Jumps 9 (+2)
Suicide Jumps 14 (+3)
Pushup Jacks....ya...still no
Low plank oblique (on knees, of course!) 40!

Next fit test day is on day 36!
I can tell I'm already going to do better and maybe not have to modify my moves as much!!

I took another picture today of my progress before my workout this morning. It's only been 25 days and I can see my big ole belly getting smaller! Can't wait until I'm all done and to see my completed hotness! ;)

In 25 days I've lost:
1" on my waist
1" on my chest
2" on my hips
3/4" on my arms
1" on my thighs
AND 10 pounds of FAT! :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


We went out as a family for Thai food to celebrate Valentines day!

YAY!!! Strawberry Shakeology!!!

"So.....Have you seen results?"

I was just asked if I have seen results with my Insanity and Shakeology regiment. Well.....let me tell you!! I've lost an 1" on my waist, 1/2" each on my arms and thighs. and 1" on my hips!! I've lost 7 pounds so far! And it's only been 2 weeks!! I have more energy and can run up the stairs without being totally winded! After loosing so much so fast (and gaining some of it back!!) with the HCG diet its mentally frustrating that it's so "slow" even though its actually not! lol! I know I'm doing it the right way now and feel SO much better than I did on HCG!
It's hard to get my butt out of bed every morning and pump myself up to do the workouts, but I am determined to get healthy and fit this time! No cheating, no "quick fixes" just lots of hard work and eating right!

Monday, February 13, 2012

IT'S HERE!!!!!

Totally Vegan! Dairy/lactose FREE!!! I've got samples headed my way! If you want me to send you a sample of the NEW Tropical Strawberry flavor (or Chocolate or Greenberry!) post your address in the comment section or email me rkcreations@gmail.com, and I will send you out a sample as soon as I get my box!!! :)

(be sure to let me know which flavor you want to sample!)


As an added bonus! The first 6 people to order shakeology from my website will get a

FREE Shakeology Shaker Bottle!!!

Shoot me a message after you submit your order so I can get your free bottle out to you!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Every Girls Favorite Thing to do.......

.......to see how FAT she really is!! WooHoo!!!

Starting measurments Jan 26th 2012

Bust (yes...the boob measurment!): 41 1/2"

Chest (under the boobs!): 35"

Waist: 40"

Hips: 47"

Arms: L 15" R 15"

Thighs (ugh! hate the thighs!): L 28" R 28"

Feb 3rd

Bust: 41 1/2 (surprisingly I stayed the same! yay!)

Chest: 34"

Waist: 39 1/2 (ya baby! Down 1/2 ")

Hips: 46" (down a whole inch!)

Arms: 14 1/2 on each (lost an inch!)

Thighs: (you know one of my nick names is high scholl was "thunder thighs" I had BIG hamstring muscles!!)

oh ya thighs: 27 1/2 on both! (down 1/2")

Feb 9th

Bust: 40 (rut row.....here we go!)

Chest: just under 34" (so about 1/8" lost)

Waist: 39" (lost 1/2" yay!!!)

Arms: ya....they stayed the same 14 1/2"

Thunder Thighs: same 27 1/2"
Well hello there! My name is Karen. I have 3 girls 16, 15, and 9. I've been married to my hubby for almost 20 years. I work part time as an accountant at an industrial supply company. In my spare time I like to craft,sew, draw, and play basketball! I have my own craft pattern company rk-creations.com which keeps my busy when I'm not at my 'real' job. ;)

I'm tired of being "blobby." I was always fit as a teen and into my 20's.....then the children came! lol! It was easy loosing the weight with the first 2. But with my last child, well, I just got lazy. I let myself get up to 210 pounds. I did the HCG diet....ya I lost 30 pounds real fast, but I HATED the diet and I just didn't feel healthy after each round. Plus as soon as I finished a round I would slowly creep back up to around 190.

I went on a cruise in January 2012 with my mom, oldest brother and his wife and daughter, and my sister (who is 110 pounds!) and her husband. Every night we would go to the dance club on ship. At first I had full confidence and was out there dancing along side my family. Not really caring what I looked like....until I decided to take a break for a bit. I watched as my sister, niece and sister in law all dance around with so much energy and confidence. Looking around all I could see were fit people having fun and dancing the night away. Then.... I saw some people walk onto the dance floor who were about the same size and shape as I was. I watched them dance for a while and thought, "is THAT what I look like when I dance??" I was embarrassed! . I didn't go back out on the dance floor after that. The last night on board, I was in tears thinking about what I was missing out on.

Me, my brother and sister

While on board, I was also able to be in the "Carnival Legends" performance on the last day of our cruise. My sister was Brittany Spears, my brother was Elton John, and my niece was Madonna. I was Gloria Estefan and got to sing LIVE "Rhythm is Gonna Get Ya." When we all went back stage to try on the costumes, my sister's and my niece's costumes flooded their tiny bodies! With my costume, they had to take all the pins out so that it would fit me...thank goodness it was somewhat stretchy material!

My brother Dave, Me, my niece Jess (Dave's daughter), and my sister Deb

Once I got home and looked at the video and pictures that were taken on my trip, I was more disgusted than ever. With the vision and feelings of that last night in the dance club etched in my mind, I was determined to change my life, get fit, and be healthy!

Sister, her hubby Ty, and me

I signed up as a Beachbody coach under my sister-in-law, Kelly (who has been trying to get me to get healthy for a while now!!) and am on my way to a more healthy and fit ME!!!