Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"So.....Have you seen results?"

I was just asked if I have seen results with my Insanity and Shakeology regiment. Well.....let me tell you!! I've lost an 1" on my waist, 1/2" each on my arms and thighs. and 1" on my hips!! I've lost 7 pounds so far! And it's only been 2 weeks!! I have more energy and can run up the stairs without being totally winded! After loosing so much so fast (and gaining some of it back!!) with the HCG diet its mentally frustrating that it's so "slow" even though its actually not! lol! I know I'm doing it the right way now and feel SO much better than I did on HCG!
It's hard to get my butt out of bed every morning and pump myself up to do the workouts, but I am determined to get healthy and fit this time! No cheating, no "quick fixes" just lots of hard work and eating right!


  1. testify sister!!! one step at a time...and glad to hear you are seeing other benefits too, like having more energy! <3 u

  2. Ya, lost 40 lbs on HCG last year. Gained 40 lbs back when I got off. I guess there is no "cheating" when trying to get healthy. Darn it! Keep up the good work, I am getting inspiration from you!