Thursday, March 1, 2012

Update Time!

Alright! So....this morning as I was changing into my workout clothes, my hubby comments, "WOW! you're looking different!" He was genuinly surprised at how much my body had changes since starting Insanity. That made me HAPPPPPPY!!! lol! It's about stinkin' time I started LOOKING like I was beating myself up every day! So I had him update my pictures......

And YES! That's only a 1 week difference in the last 2 pictures! No gut being held in! No cheating!! Honest to goodness RESULTS!! And even though I only lost a pound in the last pic, you can clearly see that I lost MUCH more than that! In just 32 days I have almost los my upper belly (still working on my lower...but it WILL go away!! It better! Or I'm cutting it off!!LOL!) Oh, and pay no attention to my mess hair or lack of make-up.......please!

And look at my "love handles" how they are shrinking! Hubby says I need to ditch the plaid shorts! LOL!! Well, my birthday is next wednesday my dear! (hint hint)

If I can get these results doing insanity and drinking Shakeology, so can you!!

In the words of Shaun T:

"YOU can Frickin' DO this!"

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  1. Holy Cow, Karen! Those pictures say sooo much! You have convinced me to jump onboard!