Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Help Me Help a Friend!

I have a dear, sweet friend, Melissa, (I also work with her husband, Blake) that contracted West Nile Virus 5 years ago. She is still suffering from the effects of that nasty illness. Below is a little bit of info on Melissa.

We all have our struggles throughout life.  Melissa has had her share of them as well.  One of those struggles is the result of contracting West Nile Virus 5 years ago.  It was a horrible illness in and of itself, but because if it- Dystonia was the byproduct causing the muscles in Melissa’s left foot and hand to bend and turn abnormally and not respond in the way they did before.  She has had to adjust in so many ways.  It has been a painful and frustrating experience and she has dealt with it so admirably.

To see her carry Grace, who is now age 1, is something to behold.  Melissa is a trooper if ever there was one.  She handles her situation valiantly and always leaves me feeling better when I am around her.  Perhaps many of you feel that same way.  She is genuine and amazing in so many ways.

I have personally been the recipient of the goodness and generosity and love from others- mostly anonymous- during a very lengthy period when my husband was unemployed and with a family of 6 children to support.  Those who blessed my family, in small and big ways, are my “angels on earth”.  I now understand in a very personal way that angels are those who help ease or lift the burdens of others when they can.  In fact, Blake and Melissa are two of my angels.  They trust me to watch Grace, and this has been a financial blessing to my family.  Thankfully, my husband is now employed.

Now, it is my turn to give something back. 

Melissa recently was introduced to a medical device that straps below her knee and which sends electrical impulses from the knee muscles down to a sensor/probe on her foot.  It basically helps correct Melissa's dystonia by sending electric impulses that bypass her central nervous system to make her foot have a normal gait.  She was so hopeful to be able to have one of her own to use, and not just at therapy sessions.  The hope is that by using it as much as possible it will help stimulate and strengthen the muscles so she can start walking the correct way on her own.  Sadly, the insurance company refused to cover the cost of this device which is around $7000. 

This is Melissa without the device


This is Melissa WITH the device! :)

Here is a video that was made about her struggle with West Nile Virus. Melissa's is the first story told on the video. 

SO......this is what I want to do: ANY order placed on my Beachbody websites, I will donate 25% of the purchase price (which is my entire commission!) to Melissa's medical device fund!

If you would like to make a donation, a PayPal account has been set up as well! Donate Here

Let's make this birthday the BEST birthday ever for her!!

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