Thursday, February 23, 2012

Making Progress!

.......well, kinda! I'm typing this as I sit in bed....sick! I've missed 1 day of my Insanity and I feel like I've missed a whole week! I've pushed through the rest of this week though! Not sure if I'm doing myself any favors because it's all in my chest and head. I bend over to stretch and 'go into flat back' then my nose starts to drip. I 'breath deep' and I start to cough. A beautiful site to see, I'm sure!
Anyway....I'm posting my "Fit Test" results so far.
Day 1
Switch kicks.....I wasn't able to do any! So sad!
Power Jacks 29
Power Knees 66
Power Jumps (aka 'slap slaps') 13
Globe Jumps 7
Suicide Jumps (modified for my wrist) 11
Pushup Jacks....ya right!!
Low plank Oblique (on my knees) a big fat 0!

Moving on to Day 15
Switch Kicks 44 baby!!
Power Jacks 36 (+7)
Power Jumps (slap SLAP!) 22 (+9!)
Globe Jumps 9 (+2)
Suicide Jumps 14 (+3)
Pushup Jacks....ya...still no
Low plank oblique (on knees, of course!) 40!

Next fit test day is on day 36!
I can tell I'm already going to do better and maybe not have to modify my moves as much!!

I took another picture today of my progress before my workout this morning. It's only been 25 days and I can see my big ole belly getting smaller! Can't wait until I'm all done and to see my completed hotness! ;)

In 25 days I've lost:
1" on my waist
1" on my chest
2" on my hips
3/4" on my arms
1" on my thighs
AND 10 pounds of FAT! :)

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